23. Nov. bis 14. Dez. /Zürich

VKU English:
English speaking VKU in Zurich with DriveLab


  • Datum: Mi., 13. Dezember 2023
  • Beginn: 17.30 Uhr
  • Ende: 21.30 Uhr

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Experience an accelerated VKU English course in Zurich—your gateway to the practical driving exam. At our certified Verkehrskunde center, embark on a concise two-day journey that culminates in an official course certificate from the Zurich traffic office. This coveted VKU certificate is your ticket to taking the practical exam across Switzerland and in Fürstentum Liechtenstein.

Our curriculum is enriched with engaging interactive elements including quizzes, collaborative group exercises, and hands-on vehicle maintenance using a real car, ensuring a robust learning experience. This immersive approach aims to maximize the value you derive from the course, preparing you proficiently for your practical driving examination.

Enroll in our English VKU course in Zurich, and prime yourself for success in the driving test. Across eight insightful lessons, delve into crucial topics that will be covered in your driving exam. Our course is meticulously crafted, integrating the latest research, bespoke videos, and premium learning materials to offer you an unparalleled learning journey. Your road to mastering the essentials for the driving exam begins here, with a high-caliber educational experience awaiting you.